Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from Bear Witness

Bear Witness would like to send out a Happy Holidays wish to you and your loved ones, stay blessed and keep in mind that if you are blessed, try to bless others!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Custom Graphics at $50 Per Project

Bear Witness is offering custom graphics at the great low price of $50 per project, not per hour. We are helping out w/ logos, flyers, posters, cd covers, watermarks for photographers, or any other type of graphics you could possibly need. contact us to make your request and we can get you taken care of!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Kelo-Red Natti Fitted

Check Out More music by Kelo ....

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nisha- August Honey of The Month


KY7 VideoShoot 7.18.11 Video By FullFledge

Bear Witness was invited by FullFledge to be on set of the latest video they are shooting for KY7. Feature cameos by Bear Witness... more on this later

MMA Fighter Diman Featured in August issue of BWM

Fresh off his Showtime aired victory, Diman sat down with Bear Witness Magazine for his August issue feature!

New Signee to GUnit- Genasis featured in August Issue of BWM

Bear Witness Magazine caught up with the Jackie Chan Hitmaker Genasis as he will be featured in the August issue of Bear Witness Magazine!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Young Lucks 21st Birthday Party July 9th Studio City Ca

More pictures available online on our facebook page! Search Bear Witness-Magazine

Weekend Rap Up ft. Mann - July 3rd San Gabriel Ca

Complete Album on Facebook search "Bear Witness-Magazine"

Lil Eazy E featured in August Issue!

We met up w/ Lil Eazy E at his recent Orange County show w/ Bone Thugs & Harmony... shout out to his manager who made it happen, Miss Marcum @NWAent on twitter

visit Lil EAZY E on Twitter @EWrightJr

Trumain - You Already Know [Official Video]

Official video of "You Already Know" by Trumain aka Kay N9ne
Video by Bear Witness TV!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JUNE 26TH BET AFTERPARTY ft. Joe Moses & Freeway Rick Ross "2SickontheTwoSixBlowout"

Aiight New Drink... The event has been updated 2 make sure everybody has the best possible time... so with that said we decided to bring out Joe Moses for the event and have him rock the stage with hits "Go Girl & Allstar" as heard on Power 106 !! Freeway Rick Ross will also be in the building, as will Knock Out Entertainment boss Shorty Mack !!

1st Annual Chipstar BBQ June 12, 2011

For the complete album of photos visit us on Facebook search "Bear Witness-Magazine"

AV & Tattoo Calii Video Shoot June 11th 2011

For the complete album of photos visit us on Facebook "Bear Witness-Magazine"

J. Cannon Events June 8th In Hollywood Ca

Find the complete album on our Facebook search "Bear Witness-Magazine"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Performers for June 26th


Yung JayR

Kanary Diamonds



Vivian - Bear Witness Magazine June Honey (Page 10)

Can you cook?
"Um...if I have to, yes, but I prefer not to."

What do you do for fun?
"You can find me at the club! That's what I love to do for fun, like other people go to movies."

Can you dance?
I love to dance! I even Go-Go dance when promoters hit me up."

Are you single or taken?
"Single and not looking for another heartbreaker [laughs]. I have my options but the door is closed."

What kind of guy do you like?
Looks are really not important to me, really. As long as they are fun, outgoing, honest with me and treat me with respect."

Vivian was a dream to work with! She played for the camera like no other Honey has done for us before and killed it! Coming to us from Riverside, she is a freelance model who works at a casino as an Assistant Room Chef by day. At her photoshoot she wowed the Bear Witness team with a great attitude on a windy spring day and had no complaints even when she was bikini clad. Vivian even hung out with us and jumped into a few more photos with our second photoshoot of the day for Josh Harraway. To contact Vivian find her on facebook.

Words By Lucy Lafloure

A2I Picnic 6.5.11 Photos (Shoutout 2 Gutta & Mz. Sassi)

A2I (Addicted 2 Ink) had Bear Witness Magazine come out to one of thier picnics, and we had a blast. Great conversations with great people, cute kids running around everywhere, and good food! To quote CEO Gutta, "A2I loves the kids, make sure you put that in there!"

Search "Bear Witness-Magazine" on Facebook for the complete photo album of the day!

Chipstar Fan Appreciation Night 6.4.11 Hollywood Ca

Search "Bear Witness-Magazine" on Facebook for the complete album of photos from the event

Splash Party May 29th in Hollywood Ca

Search "Bear Witness-Magazine" on Facebook for the complete album of pictures!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bear Witness Magazine on Stands Now!

Some 7-11's are working with us, and we look pretty good up there with the big boys!

Bear Witnes Magazine May Issue Out Now! Join our free mailing list now!

May issue out now... Send us an email to join on mailing list >>> bearwitnesstv@gmail and have it delivered to you... or you can always make it out to one of our monthly Magazine Release Parties... June goes down June 29th in Hollywood Ca... Here is a feature from May page 16

This story is called Bar Breakdown. An artist post a bar couplet of lyrics from thier 16, then explains them as shown here in bold.

You Already Know I stay on my grizzly
Circle around the competition, never getting Dizzy /
(I'm known to stay on my grind all the time)
(My competition is no match)

Gotta stay busy if your really with the business
N**** do you need that? N**** you can get it!/
(Low key, you can't say business without saying busy)
(What ever you need to solve your problem we can handle it)

And so can your bitches, they follow me on twitter
Some certified stripper saying I'm that n****... n****!!!/
(Your ladies can get it too. @iamKayN9ne )
(The girls you pay to see call me daddy)

You see me doin it, but we don't see you guys
Met with Swartzenegger, now weeds legalized/
(I'm everywhere, your never there)
(After me and my team discussed issues that were important to a lot of our fellow Californians, weed became legal and sold in medical shops. Your welcome! )

Gotta make a profit, I'm something like a Prophet
Slapper after Slapper, tell me what's the topic/
(I'm a Hustler and I can see things happen before they happen )
(We make hit after hit. Any topic any beat)

And I swear I'm goin in! Orange Juice and some Gin.
Goin hard in this b**** like I'm fresh out the pen/
(When I'm in the studio I like to drink. We motivate eachother to go hard cuz tomorrow ain't promised )

Oh you made a hit? Well make a hit again
I keep doin this song because they keep requesting it/
(There are a lot of one hit wonders out there)
(I perform most the time by request. This is a favorite of a lot of my fans so I perform it a lot...)

But I'm the hardest working M.C. with too much buzz just for the streets
Bout to rape the industry cuz you know I got what you need/
(There are more hits on the way I have recorded and more to come. My buzz is everywhere)
(When I get my foot all the way in the door I plan to take over the game)

Bear Witness Magazine May Issue Out Now!! Join the mailing list

Send us an email to join the mailing list and have Bear Witness Magazine delivered to you! Here is a featured article from May Page 9 "Honey of the Month"....

Equally as sweet as she is hot, May's Honey comes to us from Bakersfield, California. Our 100% Mexican beauty smiled for the Bear Witness crew as she told us a little about herself.

What do you do for fun?
Do make-up, go to the clubs and dancing.

Are you single or taken?
Single. [laughs] A little heartbroken, but single.

Sorry to hear that, even though a lot of our readers may be
happy to hear the single part. What kind of guy do you like?
Funny, a good smile and honest; honest is really important.

What is your perfect date?
I'm not picky, they just have to be good company.

What music is on your iPod right now?
Some gangsta ****! [laughs] Lots of stuff...hip-hop, R&B, Regaetone.

What's your favorite magazine?
Bear Witness, of course!

At the shoot, Denise caught the interest of several spectators including a group of horseshoe players asking for a photo with her and a group of guys at the skate park offering their bikes for her to pose with. All in all, she had a fantastic attitude and we are pleased to have crowned her our very first solo-featured Honey of the Month. To show your love for Denise you can hit her up on Facebook.

Words By Lucy Lafloure

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bear Witness Magazine June Update

June cover is gonna be illy!

Features include:
Zayd Malik (RBG)
Josh Harraway (2Pac impersonator)
Honey of the Month
Videoshoot of the Month
Vehicle of the Month
Fill in the Blanks
Party Pictures
Bar Breakdown
Fight Stories
And more......

Monday, April 25, 2011

All Jordan Party Thank Yous!

Much luv and props 2 NoHo Ent, our beautiful ladies at the door, 8BoiMusic, BSR Ent, Think Tank, Our securtiy, Lil Tommy & The Clown Crew, Chipstar Ent, Ride Heavy & Princess Jazz, Blaque Diamond, AVM, Rob MC & Dezi, All the MC's that did the Cypher, Big D Events, DJ Dinari, Truth About 2Pac, All the Artists, all the fans!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lil Tommy The Clown & The Clown Crew- (WILL BE LIVE APRIL 23 ALL JORDAN PARTY)



Saturday April 23rd the ALL JORDAN PARTY goes down!! Downtown LA at the Think Tank! 18+ Show starts at 8pm.... Make sure you get there early to check out all the festivities and jam out! We just locked in Lil Tommy the clown and the clown crew to host the event as well as perform! Also on the bill are The City Celebs, Kay N9ne, 'Da KRSE,Princess Jazz, Blaqe Diamond, Rob MC,8BoiMusi, & AVM. WE ARE ALSO PREMIERING OUR MAY ISSUE OF BEAR WITNESS MAGAZINE. Make sure you are there, because this party goes down on Saturday night and you are sure to hear about it on Monday! Also in attendence will be THE REAL FREEWAY RICK ROSS!! Send this email to all hiphop lovers and if you know anybody that would like to come out and enjoy themselves. Our last event The Get Lucky Blowout Show was sold out and star studded, this event promises to be the same, difference is our new location holds quite a few more heads, about 500 more heads that is! Mark it on your calendars, its going down!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bear Witness Magazine

BEAR WITNESS MAGAZINE HAS ARRIVED! For features email high quality pictures and a YouTube link to

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The minds to be have came up with the ALL JORDAN concept for our April 23rd show... Our headliner is actually up to you guys in the magazine you are given 2 options, whichever gets more attention will be booked for the event...

No Shorts or Jerseys, its still a club.... Get creative with your fly kicks, shirts, hats, and accessories!

the REAL St. Patricks Day Celebration!! #TheGetLuckyBlowoutShow


Magazine Update!! Printing Now!!

Magazine is looking outstanding people.... Late additions and changes were made and i know people are gonna really love them.... Sponsors did a lot for us this month, so props to all the people out there helping make this happen! Stories include Pieces on KANARY DIAMONDS, YOUNG LIFE, & THE CITY CELEBS. We have a bar breakdown section by Loose Logic, a tattoo piece in there from Ed @ 5150 Tattoo Shop, a poker play by T, 4 amazing looking models, our Tournament Bracket debut, a piece on DJ Liquid, a fight story, upcomig events calendar, Truth About 2Pac piece, a homemade beverage recipe, party pictures, a vehicle highlight, Kay N9Ne fills in the blanks, and we got links and pics of artists with the records banging on the block right now! (figuritively speaking)