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Bear Witness Magazine on Stands Now!

Some 7-11's are working with us, and we look pretty good up there with the big boys!

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May issue out now... Send us an email to join on mailing list >>> bearwitnesstv@gmail and have it delivered to you... or you can always make it out to one of our monthly Magazine Release Parties... June goes down June 29th in Hollywood Ca... Here is a feature from May page 16

This story is called Bar Breakdown. An artist post a bar couplet of lyrics from thier 16, then explains them as shown here in bold.

You Already Know I stay on my grizzly
Circle around the competition, never getting Dizzy /
(I'm known to stay on my grind all the time)
(My competition is no match)

Gotta stay busy if your really with the business
N**** do you need that? N**** you can get it!/
(Low key, you can't say business without saying busy)
(What ever you need to solve your problem we can handle it)

And so can your bitches, they follow me on twitter
Some certified stripper saying I'm that n****... n****!!!/
(Your ladies can get it too. @iamKayN9ne )
(The girls you pay to see call me daddy)

You see me doin it, but we don't see you guys
Met with Swartzenegger, now weeds legalized/
(I'm everywhere, your never there)
(After me and my team discussed issues that were important to a lot of our fellow Californians, weed became legal and sold in medical shops. Your welcome! )

Gotta make a profit, I'm something like a Prophet
Slapper after Slapper, tell me what's the topic/
(I'm a Hustler and I can see things happen before they happen )
(We make hit after hit. Any topic any beat)

And I swear I'm goin in! Orange Juice and some Gin.
Goin hard in this b**** like I'm fresh out the pen/
(When I'm in the studio I like to drink. We motivate eachother to go hard cuz tomorrow ain't promised )

Oh you made a hit? Well make a hit again
I keep doin this song because they keep requesting it/
(There are a lot of one hit wonders out there)
(I perform most the time by request. This is a favorite of a lot of my fans so I perform it a lot...)

But I'm the hardest working M.C. with too much buzz just for the streets
Bout to rape the industry cuz you know I got what you need/
(There are more hits on the way I have recorded and more to come. My buzz is everywhere)
(When I get my foot all the way in the door I plan to take over the game)

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Send us an email to join the mailing list and have Bear Witness Magazine delivered to you! Here is a featured article from May Page 9 "Honey of the Month"....

Equally as sweet as she is hot, May's Honey comes to us from Bakersfield, California. Our 100% Mexican beauty smiled for the Bear Witness crew as she told us a little about herself.

What do you do for fun?
Do make-up, go to the clubs and dancing.

Are you single or taken?
Single. [laughs] A little heartbroken, but single.

Sorry to hear that, even though a lot of our readers may be
happy to hear the single part. What kind of guy do you like?
Funny, a good smile and honest; honest is really important.

What is your perfect date?
I'm not picky, they just have to be good company.

What music is on your iPod right now?
Some gangsta ****! [laughs] Lots of stuff...hip-hop, R&B, Regaetone.

What's your favorite magazine?
Bear Witness, of course!

At the shoot, Denise caught the interest of several spectators including a group of horseshoe players asking for a photo with her and a group of guys at the skate park offering their bikes for her to pose with. All in all, she had a fantastic attitude and we are pleased to have crowned her our very first solo-featured Honey of the Month. To show your love for Denise you can hit her up on Facebook.

Words By Lucy Lafloure

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bear Witness Magazine June Update

June cover is gonna be illy!

Features include:
Zayd Malik (RBG)
Josh Harraway (2Pac impersonator)
Honey of the Month
Videoshoot of the Month
Vehicle of the Month
Fill in the Blanks
Party Pictures
Bar Breakdown
Fight Stories
And more......