Monday, June 6, 2011

Vivian - Bear Witness Magazine June Honey (Page 10)

Can you cook?
"Um...if I have to, yes, but I prefer not to."

What do you do for fun?
"You can find me at the club! That's what I love to do for fun, like other people go to movies."

Can you dance?
I love to dance! I even Go-Go dance when promoters hit me up."

Are you single or taken?
"Single and not looking for another heartbreaker [laughs]. I have my options but the door is closed."

What kind of guy do you like?
Looks are really not important to me, really. As long as they are fun, outgoing, honest with me and treat me with respect."

Vivian was a dream to work with! She played for the camera like no other Honey has done for us before and killed it! Coming to us from Riverside, she is a freelance model who works at a casino as an Assistant Room Chef by day. At her photoshoot she wowed the Bear Witness team with a great attitude on a windy spring day and had no complaints even when she was bikini clad. Vivian even hung out with us and jumped into a few more photos with our second photoshoot of the day for Josh Harraway. To contact Vivian find her on facebook.

Words By Lucy Lafloure

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