Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Equally as sweet as she is hot, May's Honey comes to us from Bakersfield, California. Our 100% Mexican beauty smiled for the Bear Witness crew as she told us a little about herself.

What do you do for fun?
Do make-up, go to the clubs and dancing.

Are you single or taken?
Single. [laughs] A little heartbroken, but single.

Sorry to hear that, even though a lot of our readers may be
happy to hear the single part. What kind of guy do you like?
Funny, a good smile and honest; honest is really important.

What is your perfect date?
I'm not picky, they just have to be good company.

What music is on your iPod right now?
Some gangsta ****! [laughs] Lots of stuff...hip-hop, R&B, Regaetone.

What's your favorite magazine?
Bear Witness, of course!

At the shoot, Denise caught the interest of several spectators including a group of horseshoe players asking for a photo with her and a group of guys at the skate park offering their bikes for her to pose with. All in all, she had a fantastic attitude and we are pleased to have crowned her our very first solo-featured Honey of the Month. To show your love for Denise you can hit her up on Facebook.

Words By Lucy Lafloure

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