Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 18th St.Patricks Celebration

Are you a Hip-Hop or R&B artist serious about your music? Take advantage of
the opportunity to perform in front of others making moves in the game. On
March 18th 2011 network, party, perform and engage in "The Get Lucky Blowout
Show" St. Patricks celebration party in NoHo Ca. We have a great lineup,
live on stage will be BlackWallStreets latest female signee KANARY DIAMONDS
!! Also performing live will be LA favorite Young Life from Far West
Entertainment. Other events of the evening will include the launch of Bear
Witness Magazine!! Each artist and special guest of the night including
openers can expect to be featured in the premier issue. Freeway Rick Ross
has a lot of things going on so he'll be in the building spreading the word
and networking. Truth About 2Pac representatives will be doing the same.
Bear Witness is a movement, you'll hear about this event if you miss it.

We are looking for artists who have a fanbase and are looking to grow it!
Openers can MAKE money if they can get thier fans to come out. Minimum
requirement is to be able to get 15 people to come out and support, if you
CANT atleast do that, this event may not be for you so SERIOUS INQUIRIES

contact thru email:

visit and network :

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